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Former Tour Guide-Turned Email Copywriter

Reveals Exactly How Learning How to Get

$20 Tips from 1/2 a Double Decker Bus Full of People

Taught Her How to Make Email Your Most Profitable Channel

Getting people's attention is hard.

Getting their money? Even harder. 

(Especially when there are 73928145 distractions every minute...)

I know because before I became a copywriter, I was a tour guide at three different tour companies.

It was my job to
keep the attention of 75+ people from different cultures, for two hours, on a moving vehicle.


If I did my job well enough, half of those people would happily throw money at me at the end of the 2+ hour tour.


So, how did I do it when the majority of my tourists were smack dab under the sun, sticking to leather seats, wishing they were getting blasted by air conditioning?


It's gonna sound dead-friggin' simple but SO MANY BUSINESSES don't do this...

- Ask people where they're from

- Find common ground

- Ask them what they're looking for

- Show them how to get there

- Ask them if there's anything in their way

How do I know this works in the online world?


Well, after applying what I'd learned tour guiding when writing for...


--> mediums such as SEO, content writing, blog article writing, product descriptions, landing pages, website copy, social media copy, cold emails, broadcast emails, automated emails, and a lot of other types of emails...

--> industries like tech, SaaS, health, wellness, fitness, fashion, alcohol, and even renewable energy...

--> big brands like Sears Canada during its rebranding, agencies like Havas and House of Search, and startups like Whova and Uppercase...

...I had proof that these concepts worked anywhere.

Here's how this looks like for email marketing:

Connect + relate with your audience > Burn out your list with discounts

Solve problems > Use conversion tactics

Shift customer mindsets > Lower your pricing

When you focus on these three pillars, you target the serious buyers who are in it for the long haul, not the bargainers looking to try something just because the price is right.

You get the people who actively look forward to your emails, the people who buy your products because they believe that those products can solve their problems, and the people who rave about you to the people who matter.

That's why clients have been happy with my work and email subscribers have sent responses to emails written by me like...


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